I have exciting news– I’m officially joining the Retro family!

 As you may know, I needed to find the right place to start my fitness transformation. I needed a place that supported my goals, provided the proper equipment, keeps my workouts fresh and challenging, and gives me access to classes and amenities like child sitting and smoothie bars – a place that ultimately allowed me to be me!

Retro Fitness in my hometown has become that place. Since day 1 of my journey, they have everything I need to improve my physical and spiritual well-being. Retro has made all the difference in my workout routine, and I truly want to share this experience with all of you.

We’ve got lots of exciting things planned, and I’m committed to empowering my audience to build an even better, stronger version of you. As I continue going to Retro, I’ll be sharing updates, offers, and other fun initiatives. 

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