You're Invited... Gia's and Milania's Disco-themed Birthday Party!

We threw them a joint party on Sunday at Space Odyssey and it was sooooo fun! The invitation was a 70s Disco boot with silver stars in the heel, and Gia wanted her cake to match that. Milania wanted a Sleeping Beauty cake. How insanely beautiful are the cakes?

Gia invited the entire 5th grade--all 3 classes!--and danced with her dance group. Then she brought Milania on stage with her and they did a little number together. (I videotaped it on my phone, but Audriana erased it! I have to find another copy...) 

Gia turned 11 on January 8, and Milania turns 6 on February 2. They are such amazing little girls, I'm so proud of them, and I love them so much! We were all happy to see Antonia at the party too. Yay, cousins!

Thank you so much to Elvira and Space Odyssey in Englewood, NJ for hosting the best party ever!

And thank you to the Sugar Flake Bakery in Westwood, NJ for the amazing cakes!

And a huge thank you to Cynthia Lauren Designs who made my invitations. I love her! She's been making my invitations since my engagement. She even did my wedding invitations! She's in Ramsey, NJ. Here's her number: 201-236-8107 xx