Fabellini Friday!!! xx

I'm so excited to announce that my Fabellini is finally for sale!!! It will be nationwide in stores soon--I'll keep you updated--but you can purchase it now online direct from the winery. **It's also going to be Gary's Wine very soon!**

I've always loved bellinis--they were invented in Venice almost 100 years ago. It's champange or sparkling wine with peach nectar. It's like a delicious mimosa that you can drink any time! It can be hard to find peach nectar though, so I decided to make a pre-bottled mixed bellini myself--and I named it Fabellini. I partnered with the Brotherhood Winery, the oldest winery in America. I'm so so so proud of it. And it tastes delicious!!! And Fabellini is low calorie--less than 1/2 the calories of other "skinny" drinks. 

I'm debuting 2 Fabellini flavors: peach and raspberry. I love them both! Perfect for your Valentine's celebration xx

PS--Due to national shipping restrictions, some states, including NJ--I cannot believe it--cannot have wine shipped to them from online sites. But stay tuned, it will be in Gary's and lots of other places soon! xx