Untrue Charity Story

I've said it many times: one of the best things about being on TV is getting to use your "celebrity" to help other people. It's why I was so honored to raise $60,000 for NephCure when I was on Celebrity Apprentice and why I do as many charity events as I can. My biggest priority is NephCure, but I also recently attended events for the Eric Trump Foundation for sick children and I just did two events for breast cancer this month. I'm always happy to do it, and I did not get paid for any of it.

I get so many charity requests and it breaks my heart not to be able to do them all. I really really wish I could! Not being able to do every single charity event that asks me has nothing to do with money and everything to do with time. I'm a busy working mom of 4 girls and there isn't enough time in the world to help everyone. Again, I wish I could! I don't even have an email link for charity requests on my website because I don't want people to try and contact me and not get an answer and be disappointed. I've explained this the best I can on my Contact page, and I list the charities I support.

If I'm asked and I'm free, I'm at every charity event I can possibly be at! On Nov 8, I'll be at NephCure's Countdown to a Cure at Capitale in NYC. Get your tickets or become a sponsor here: http://nephcure.org/countdown-cure. Or come out and visit me on Nov 14 at the Americana Salon and Spa in Roseland, NJ for the Faith for Francesca Fundraiser to help raise money for a beautiful little 6-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy: http://americanasalonandspa.com/

It's sad to me that the Daily News would print a story with false accusations from a friend of a friend of a local guy about how I demand an appearance fee for charity work. I don't know if they tried to contact me or how, but I never received any information about their benefit, so me turning them down is completely untrue. I'm praying for little Christopher though, and I hope their fundraising efforts are a huge success! God Bless.