Gia Rocked Monsters

Gia had such a great time at the Monsters of Hip Hop. She and her team did so well. They rocked it out! I was so proud of them! Here are some pics of my baby girl. Doesn't she look so grown up? I love her eyes. She has Joe's eyes.

Here's a video of Gia dancing. She's in the gray sweatpants in the front: click here.

And if you dare, here's a video of Milania dancing backstage. She wants so much to be like her big sister, she was rocking her own moves. She wanted to battle in the Monsters group too: click here.

Here's Gia's dance team T.R.U.E. on Facebook: T.R.U.E. and Gia is on Twitter at @TrueGia (monitored by me and her manager) xx