New Year's Eve!

Joe and I celebrated New Year's Eve like we have every single year--at a huge party with our family and friends. All of Joe's family was there, my parents, my kids, our friends and their kids... it was a magical night.

I can't imagine not spending it with my kids, it's one of their favorite holidays. They LOVE New Year's! It would kill me to just leave them home with a babysitter. They had such a great time, dancing and toasting with their sparkly juice. I have a video of Audriana rocking out on the dance floor. I have to see if I can get it to load.

We all got dressed up -- gold and black was our theme -- and went to the beautiful banquet hall Grand Chalet in Wayne, NJ. No cameras, no other Housewives, no drama (go figure, right?).

At midnight, I was surrounded by almost everyone I love most in this world (those of you who weren't with us, we were thinking of you! xx).

How cute are my parents? How happy does my dad look? Nothing makes me happier than taking care of those I love.

I hope you all had an amazing night. Cheers to a great 2012! xx