Gabriella, future author!

I know Gabriella doesn't appear on the RHONJ too much, but that doesn't mean she's that shy or quiet (she's just smart enough to stay away from the cameras!). She asked to come with me to a couple of book signings lately, so I brought her to two. She was so sweet and even signed books! I hoped you all liked meeting her as much as she liked meeting you!

Thank you to Dave Kotinsky for taking beautiful pictures of us ( <-- LOVE him! Greatest photographer ever!!! Gabriella's outfit, her doll and her doll's outfit are from Plumkinz (, a company run by the friend of my maid-of-honor. We LOVE her stuff!

Loved meeting you all in VA Beah, at the Bryant Library in Long Island, and at Bliss. I just uploaded new fan photos, so check them out! xx