Happy Fat/Shrove Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday! Happy Shrove Tuesday! I asked what you all were eating today on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Love love loved your answers! I read every one. Pancakes are huge, espeically in Britain and Australia (hi!!!) but I didn't know you had them with lemon juice and sugar. Paczki -- the Polish filled donuts -- are big in Chicago and Detroit. Fasnachts in PA. Malasadas in Hawaii! Deep fried everything in the South. Lots of St. Joseph's cakes, Italian and sushi in Jersey. And King Cake & gumbo in NOLA (why are you all answering me on Twitter and not out paryting, btw?) 

My favorite answers were from Angela from Calabria who had meatballs with sopresata. And Joanne from Scotland whose 2 girls cooked her pancakes with sugar, honey and nutella. Yummmm!

Gia had dance tonight so we had to eat a quick dinner: eggplant, mozarella and proscuitto sangwiches. xx