Me + Joe = YES

It's that time of year again... the birds are singing, the weather is nice, and people start gossiping about who's breaking up with who. At least twice a year someone says Joe and I have split. I want you all to hear directly from me: NOT TRUE. Joe and I are still together as we've always been. I love him as much now as the day we got married. I'm torn writing this because I don't want to give any attention to the slimy tabloids, but I got a lot of wonderful messages from people worried about us and I didn't want you all to worry! (You are all so sweet!!!)

I was going to post this today anyway, so here you go: this is one our Joe's and my engagement pictures. I found it when I was pulling photos for "Fabulicious." How handsome is he? LOVE him! (The photo was taken by Abbey Creative Photography in Palisades Park, NJ.)

Have a great weekend everyone! Tonight I have a baby shower for a friend, and tomorrow night is Date Night for me and Joe. Sunday, big dance competition for me and the girls (I'm dancing to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous.") Wish me luck! xx