My Fans are So Freakin' Amazing it IS Laughable!

I don't even know why she still has a Twitter since no one cares anymore, but a certain ex-castmember of RHONJ has been bashing on *my* fans. Seriously? Seriously? First of all, I'm not convinced the people that follow her are actually fans. More likely they just like to watch the trainwreck that is... her. And since she's fading from the public eye pretty quickly, I'm guessing that number will go down.

As for my fans? I think there is little doubt that I have the best, most amazing, most gorgeous, FABULOUS fans in the entire world! And from around the world! You are all such an inspiration to me! Such amazing parents and friends and you care so deeply and really make a difference. You are all superstars in my book! The very best part of my job is that I get to meet so many of YOU! xx

Here's a great example of just ONE of my AMAZING FANS! This is Sophie Brown. She's 15, lives in London, and uses the money she makes from her paper route of 100 houses to help kids in Uganda. How amazing is that? She's currently raising money to build a school there. Check out her website and please help if you can. Even $5 would make a huge difference.

Are you FABULOUS? Let me know and I'll give you a shout-out too because I love-love-LOVE my fans and am so happy to help in any way I can!