My Girls & their Gifts

Thank you all for your suggestions on what to get my kids for Christmas! They didn't really ask for anything and aren't crazy for any fads right now, but I got them things that match what they're into, and just girl stuff. Audriana got a pink tricycle and a pink and white polka dot baby doll carriage. Milania got a little vanity with a make-up case. Since Gabriella is so into art, I got her an art table, one of those with the roll of paper attached to the side and art supplies. And Gia got a little laptop.

Here are some pics of them just hanging around the house playing with their presents the last couple of days. Gabriella could draw all day. Audriana got into Milania's lipstick and when I tried to take her picture, she ran away from me because she thought she was in trouble. I caught her hiding in the toy closet. I think Milania might have helped her.

I wasn't feeling great yesterday, I think I'm a little sick, and the girls decided they were going to clean the house for me. They did an AMAZING job. I can't believe how great they did on their toy closet. It's definitely a great thing about having all girls--they love to clean, they love pink, and they love make-up. Love them! xx