Amazing Christmas Weekend

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend with your family and friends. We had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone was at my house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year! Over 20 people and tons of food. We did fish on Christmas Eve, and then lamb and hot peppers and pasta yesterday. The girls are off school this week--so excited to just hang out with them. 

I wanted to share one more picture from our Christmas card shoot this year. I LOVE the pictures so much, but I don't want to have Christmas scenes hanging in my house all year, so the photographer Linda Marie ( always makes me a non-holiday shot I can use. Here's the one from this year. And when we did the gingerbread house, she took the girls and put them on a background of orchids. I've got a huge print of it hanging in our hallway.

LOVED seeing all your amazing holiday photos on Twitter and Facebook! Thank you for sending them to me. I tried to answer as many as I could, but I looked at and loved them all! Your kids are all gorgeous (and their mommies, daddies and grandparents are too)!!! xx