Hi Babydolls!

I'm snuggled up at home with my girls finally getting photos off my phone, checking my email and updating my blog. Did you miss me? I hear the snow is coming. Hope it isn't too bad...

I added new stuff to every page on my blog, including a video of me at the Learning Annex last night in NY, and photos of the girls in their Christmas dresses, the new deal site I'm obsessed with, & my new custom MAKE-UP palettes

Saturday was Gia's birthday. I can't believe she's 10! My kids only get a party every other year and she and Gabriella had big parties last year, so this year we kept it low key. She was in a gymnastics competition during the day and we went to dinner that night. Milania does get a party next month though, since she didn't have one last year.

Here's a pic of Gia on her birthday. Doesn't she look so grown up and beautiful? Love her! Happy birthday baby! xx