Ciao Bello!

Welcome to my new site & blog! I'm so excited! Finally a place to talk to you all, answer your questions, talk with more than 140 freakin' characters!!! Use as many exclamation points and xx's as I want... 

I'm so excited you're here, baby doll. You can find my latest appearances, look inside my book, get the skinny on my family. In the Fashion section, I talk about what I love, what's hot right now, and what I'm wearing. In the Fan section, I'll post your pictures and answer your questions. I'm going to make little cooking videos and release new recipes in the Food section. Stores and websites keep sending me special discounts for my fans, so I created a special section for that called Daily Deals. I'm going to be giving away amazing things, having little contests, all kinds of fun. Yay!

Teresa xx